Survey: Workforce effects on success of the company

We recently conducted a survey to find out if a more capable workforce creates more resilient companies.

We asked the question “COVID-19 crisis has reminded business leaders that a more capable workforce creates more resilient companies. How true is this statement?

The responses were as follows: –

  • 92% said True,
  • 0% said Not True,
  • 8% was Neutral.

Below are comments from respondents

  • Covid-19 has indeed distorted the way businesses operate. Companies are made of rules and regulations that govern the organisation in the way in which it operates such as strategic plans and the like. Though these are important, companies tend to forget that employees or the workforce is just as important because they carry out the plans set by the organisation. The success of the organisations is dependent on the workforce because if standards or organisational plans are not followed by the employees, no matter how good they are, then the organisation is not able to stand in tough times. So I believe for a workforce to be capable, the company must invest in aligning its employees to the organisational standards. That workforce is able to create a resilient company.
  • I am neutral on this because though I agree that a capable workforce creates a more resilient company, I am not sure if Covid-19 has reminded leaders of this. I have noticed a lot of companies have poor cultures due to poor management. Employees are paid poorly and some even go months without being paid. Companies fire and hire in such a high rate because of the current economic situation where there is high unemployment rate and it’s quite easy to replace an employee. Such actions do not lead to a capable workforce and creates poor work environments and yet these companies are still standing and operating.
  • Culture plays are big role in the success of the company. A strong company culture creates innovative teams. When Management treats its employees with respect and confidence, and also trains its workforce e.g. reskilling and upskilling, in turn the workforce is able to be productive and the output is a resilient company.
  • Resilient companies are a result of productive employees. A successful company needs to have the right culture with the right skills to follow through on the organisation plans and its mandate.
  • The pandemic has led to companies downsizing, some companies have even closed. Some companies are now operating online without any physical presence. This has shown the importance of having the right employees with the right skills and attitude. The situation has shown organisations, in particular management, the importance of learning and development programs and creating a diverse workforce so as to create a capable workforce. To survive in this volatile environment, organisations need to make smart decisions for its workforce to make sure they are able to carry the organisation forward despite the challenges. 

The overall findings conclude that COVID-19 crisis has reminded business leaders that a more capable workforce creates more resilient companies.  Creating a resilient company means having the right culture, investing in training and development programs, and creating a diverse and productive workforce.  On the other hand, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, most companies do not invest in creating a capable workforce and yet are still surviving in this volatile environment.