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We offer a wide range of transformation enablement solutions across four core capabilities, Corporate Governance, Strategy & Research, and Human Resources Advisory. We acknowledge that to succeed, organizations must blend digital and human capabilities. Our team brings deep industry and functional expertise  to spark change through leading-edge consulting.
The bedrock of our delivery approach is Partnership with our clients so that the knowledge generated throughout the engagement remains embedded within the business and we empower management in the process. Our uniquely collaborative model  of Co-plan, Co-Design and Co-execute ensures that knowledge generated throughout the engagement remains embedded within the business post our engagement.

  • Years of experience
  • Companies Served
  • Training Delivered

Corporate Governance

We strive to provide solutions through which boards and directors are able to direct, monitor and supervise the conduct and operation of the company and its management in a manner that ensures appropriate levels of authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control.

Strategy and Research

We work closely with our clients to help them win in their respective markets. Our analyses and access to information help organisations to evaluate their underlying market assumptions, allowing them to plan for, and even simulate, a myriad of future market scenarios. It also enables them to assess current and future investments, manage risks, provide new ideas on business operations, and improve their reaction time to industry developments.

HR and Advisory

We understand the importance of having a high performing team of professionals dedicated to meeting your corporate goals and it is to this end that we assist with organisational reviews, the design, and application of human resource systems, as well as the coaching, mentoring, and the training of your HR professionals. Furthermore, we provide with assistance in managing employee and labor relations challenges, strategic planning, and compensation reviews.

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Virtual Training

Virtual Training is available for all of our programs. Our virtual training suite comes equipped with multiple communication and file-sharing tools.

With Virtual Training, you get all of the benefits of our traditional in-person, group instruction – you interact and learn live with the instructor and other professionals – with the added benefits of flexibility and convenience of remote access.

Your leaders may be scattered across locations. But we can bring them together virtually to build one unified vision of leadership in your organisation.


Our webinars are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of today’s business professionals. Webinars allow you to sharpen your knowledge and skills from the convenience of your home, office or on the go.

Our webinars feature international thought leaders presenting insight, ideas and advice. The free sessions provide timely and strategic information about the business of learning, current trends impacting workforce development, best practices for training and talent management, and practical information on the latest tools and technology.

Web-based Training

Our web-based training programs are interactive. In addition to videos, pictures and other interactions you are swiftly brought through the contents. Major advantage to our web-based training is that:

    • Contents can be adapted to specific requirements
    • Learning control can be customized
    • Work process-oriented learning is possible
    • Teaching aids can be reused multiple times
    • Sound recordings and videos can be easily integrated, participants can pause module at any time and continue, and it can be done anytime of the day (during working hours and after work).

At the end of the training and after successfully completing the final test, you can immediately print out your personal certificate.

Digital Marketing Master Class

The digital economy drives every aspect of our lives as more people spend time on digital domains and online platforms. There is need to understand not only the traditional marketing but the digital market as well.

Topics include:

    • Understanding Digital Marketing
    • Content Creation and Management
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Website Blog Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Innovative Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • Business Transformation
  • Culture Audit
  • Customer Service
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Performance Evaluation
  • Management & Leadership Development
  • Organisational Charters And Regulatory Frameworks
  • Board Induction
  • Team Building
  • Risk Management & Mapping
  • CGAS Assists Its Clients Through Entire Value Creation Process
  • Industry Analysis, Risk Profiling
  • Entry Strategies –M&A Joint Venture or Wholly-owned
  • Outline Business Plans including implementation plan
  • Incubation Services
  • Company Incorporation
  • Initial Team and Office Set-up
  • Premises During Incubation
  • Research and Analysis for Expansion
  • Technology Transfers
  • Managing Government and Third-party Relations
  • Support During Facility Set-up
  • Distribution Network/Marketing Channel Set-up
  • Initial Lead Generation/Project Identification
  • Reduce Project Gestation Time
  • Cut Down On Time Required to Deploy Client Resources
  • Reduced Risks Arising from Delayed Approvals, Trial & Error
  • Local Management Support Available for Advisory and Crisis Management

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