Survey: Adoption of Digital Technologies

We recently conducted a survey to find out which business areas has organisation adopted digital technologies the most.

We asked the question “Covid-19 has speeded the adoption of digital technologies. Which of the following has your organisation increased the use of technology?

The voting options were as follows: –

  • Remote working,
  • Online Marketing,
  • Business Operations,
  • Decision making process.

100% voted for remote working.

Below are comments from respondents

  • Covid-19 has definitely increased the use of digital technologies in organisations. A lot of companies are now working remotely because of government restrictions which have been imposed by the government. Organisations fear for their employees and are also taking measures to keep them safe by having them work remotely.
  • I feel remote working has been the number one response to Covid-19 for businesses. However, remote working also means online marketing, online meetings and operating online. Online marketing, business operations and decision making are all affected by remote working.
  • Covid-19 has truly fast tracked the use of technologies in organisations by far. No big organisation would have ever imagined that they would have employees working from home/ virtually. Even for small companies, a physical space was what proved a business to be legit and for most customers, they had confidence in seeing the physical presence of an organisation. Covid-19 has made many companies accept digitalisation at a quicker rate than they would have before.
  • The pandemic has transformed businesses as we know it. Because of the lockdown regulations companies have been forced to do business online otherwise they risk closing. As a way to survive companies have quickly learnt how to operate remotely by having employees work online. This situation has also opened opportunities that would not have been taken advantage of such as having virtual assistants and employing even beyond boarders.

The overall findings conclude that COVID-19 crisis has increased the use of technologies for organisations. Organisations are working online as a response to the restrictions put in place by the government, as well as to keep employees safe.    Due to   working remotely, all other business areas have been affected and hence increase the use of digital technologies throughout the organisation.