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Welcome To The Captains' Suite

The Captain’s Suite is a gathering of Executive Board Members, Chairs and Top Management. The Captain’s Suite has been running consecutively for three years. The event addresses the latest developments in the industry and allows top executives to network and share ideas for growth and development interactively.

The program has strengthened leaders and helped organizations to build cultures and teams that deliver superior results. By strategically aligning leadership, talent and culture, our expertise has helped organizations plan and create real results and change. We work with world class coaches, consultants, and educators to deliver custom solutions via proven methodologies and action learning approaches.

The Captains' Suite 2019

12 Conversations- Unlocking the Power of Conversations staged in Vumba with its main objective to raise awareness and challenge Directors’ thinking around the issue of Leadership and Culture; Strategy, Execution, Systems and growth. The conference was built around a conversational approach to learning which brings best thinking around core responsibilities and competencies required for effective leaders, with an emphasis on challenging the leaders’ points of view and encouraging in-depth discussions from which leaders will draw out new ideas and perspectives that they can apply to their unique organisations

The Captains' Suite 2018

Re- Imagine Zimbabwe – A Waking Giant staged in Nyanga with its main objective to engage in rich conversations with world-class practitioners on pressing world issues and organizational challenges. Uniquely developed for CEOs, Executive Board Members, Chairs and Top Management who have done it all- the MBA, the advanced management program, the leadership course, the immersion experience – and still want more and draw breakthrough ideas for real -world applications.

The Captains' Suite 2017

Disrupt or be Disrupted staged in Nyanga with its main objective to have an unmatchable and sustainable impact on the participants in terms of the leadership, decision making skills required in the boardroom.  One of the unique aspects of Outward Bound Captains’ Suite is that leaders are immediately able to see the consequences of wrong actions, poor systems and structure, decisions, omissions and witness the tangible difference that can be made by a change in thinking and behaviour.

About The Captains' Suite

Captain’s Suite is an exclusive by- invitation only program.
The program is uniquely designed for CEOs, MD’s, Board Members and Management Executives looking to achieve breakthrough leadership by making a few paradigm changes to their thinking and approach through conversations that spark insight and momentum for change.

18 years of research confirms that most CEO conversations resolve around 5 main areas of work:

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Systems
  • Growth
  • Leadership

The power of the program is derived from real conversations about real problems faced by real leaders. Previous program participants have:

  • Disrupted the drift of their habitual thinking -stopped explaining and started exploring what needed to be discovered.
  • Tackled diverse organizational problems with like-minded professionals
  • Tackled diverse organizational problems with like-minded professionals
  • Challenged and enhanced their existing mental models on leadership
  • Deciphered thought leadership into practical applications
  • Learned to think critically about enterprise-wide and socioeconomic issues.


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