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Brands that take proactive steps to comfort customers and protect their safety and financial confidence will earn strong reputational benefits during a volatile time. Customer service is tangible or intangible value increasing activities that is related with products or services directly or indirectly to meet customer expectations and so provide customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customer service is the support you offer your customers — both before and after they buy and use your products or
“A customer experience that isn’t anchored on a single set of values will quickly start to feel fragmented”   Plan ahead Focus on goals” Set up your work space Master the tools of communication for remote work or at least understand them Know when to reach out — and how Know how much to say — and where to say it. Strike the right tone for all your communications. Know how to block out the
Covid-19 has had a significant impact on businesses all around the world, and so we recently conducted a survey to understand how it has affected businesses in Zimbabwe. We asked the question, “In light of Covid-19, are you still operating in line with your original strategy?” 20% responded that they have not been operating in-line with the original strategy and 80% responded that changes have been made. Summary of comments/ insights from respondents The pandemic
We recently conducted a survey to derive insight on the effect of meeting duration on productiveness and efficiency. We asked if shorter meetings are more productive and effective. According to the findings, 63% of the respondents strongly agree, 25% agree and 13% neither agree nor disagree. Summary of comments/ insights from respondents The respondents noted that organisations tend to hold meetings for the sake of looking and acting relevant, but without an agenda. And therefore
Our recent survey focused on culture and strategy to derive an understanding on the impact of both culture and strategy to an organisation and how they coincide. We asked the question, “Does Culture eat Strategy for breakfast?”  55% of the respondents strongly agree,  36% simply agree and  9% neither agree nor disagree. Summary of Comments / insights from respondents    Culture needs a good strategy for it to perform at its utmost best. Strategy is

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